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Norman Geras

obituary - 5 yearss ago
Norman Geras was born to Jewish parents in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, on August 25 1943, and studied PPE at Pembroke College, Oxford. After graduating with a First, he took up a post at Manchester...

Professor Norman Geras: Political philosopher who became an influential blogger

The Independent - 5 yearss ago
Norman Geras was a public intellectual of the internet. After a distinguished career as a political theorist and writer on Marxism, he felt he still had more to say. On his retirement as professor in...

Pioneering blogger Norman Geras dies of prostate cancer aged 70

The Guardian - 5 yearss ago
The political writer Norman Geras has died, his daughter said on Friday. Geras, 70, professor emeritus in politics at the University of Manchester and author of eight books, was one of the first...

To tackle inequality, we must first understand the exploitation that creates it

Open Democracy - 2 months ago
Together with my friend, the Marxist political philosopher, Norman Geras (now sadly deceased), we decided to go back to basics and do some necessary rethinking. We wanted to go forward from Marx to...

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