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A tale of two Ashes books

ESPN - 4 weeks ago
Norman Geras, professor emeritus of politics at the University of Manchester, is known to most students of political science as a political theorist, a prolific author with books on, among other...

Norman Geras obituary

The Guardian - 4 yearss ago
Norman Geras – professor emeritus of government at Manchester University, philosopher, cricket fan, country music lover, Marxist, liberal socialist, democrat, political blogger behind the...

Professor Norman Geras: Political philosopher who became an influential blogger

The Independent - 4 yearss ago
Norman Geras was a public intellectual of the internet. After a distinguished career as a political theorist and writer on Marxism, he felt he still had more to say. On his retirement as professor in...

Norman Geras: 1943-2013

Tablet Magazine - 4 yearss ago
There is one memory of Norman Geras–the distinguished academic, prolific author and blogger, and doughty fighter against anti-Semitism and racism, who passed away in England earlier today–that...

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