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ANDREW COATES: Norman Geras—a Beloved Comrade, Passes.

Andrew Coates

Norman Geras

Norman Geras 25 August 1943–18 October 2013.

[first published on Andrew’s blog]

I just would like to add a tribute to Norman.

Geras’ writings were an inspiration to the left.

The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg (1976) and Marx and Human Nature: Refutation of a Legend will remain as landmarks of socialist thought.

Like many comrades I had the privilege of meeting Norman – in particular as a member of the Socialist Society.

We had a correspondence about ethical theory.

I am sure that many other comrades who knew him well will add their memories.

One of the most cherished memories for me is at the Ralph Miliband memorial meeting at the LSE.

He explained his ethical stance, which later took him into directions which not many of us on the Marxist left shared,

A superb thinker and a great human being.