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Samir Chopra

[first published on Samir’s blog]

[At The Cordon, you can read Samir’s reflections on two of Norm’s cricket books]

Norman Geras, prolific blogger and professor emeritus of politics at the University of Manchester has passed away at the age of 70. He had been suffering from prostate cancer. Norm was best known as a political theorist whose oeuvre included books on Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Richard Rorty. (He also served on the editorial boards of the New Left Review and the Socialist Register.)

I chanced upon Norm’s blog after he and I had a short online exchange in response to a minor quasi-theological debate triggered by Yoram Hazony. I had written a post responding to a piece by Hazony in the New York Times; so did Norm. Corey Robin sent me Norman’s post, and I emailed or tweeted him, pointing him to mine.

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